Logo Design for Mobile Apps: Colors, Styles, and Recognizability

How to Design a Logo for Mobile Apps

An app logo needs to fit in with the graphical interface of the mobile platform. This is why it is important to choose colors and design styles that complement existing branding.

Moreover, an app logo should be instantly recognizable at first glance. This can be achieved by putting the logo through a recognizability test in the targeted market.


Netflix is one of the world’s biggest streaming services. It has over 238 million subscribers worldwide, and its original content has spawned colloquial slang like “Netflix and chill.” It was once a DVD-by-mail service and even now you can still rent DVDs from Netflix, but the company is best known for its streaming offerings.

It offers a wide range of shows and movies including Stranger Things, The OA, Marco Polo, GLOW, and Santa Clarita Diet. It also supports Dolby Vision, which makes the experience more immersive. You can also watch Netflix in virtual reality using an Android-powered VR platform such as Samsung’s Gear or Google’s Daydream.

Netflix has introduced a new feature to make it easier for people to find and select their favorite shows. The video-streaming giant is adding a dedicated section called My Netflix on its mobile app for a personalized all-in-one hub. It will display a selection of trailers and is designed to save viewers time.


Spotify is a free and paid music streaming service that lets users listen to millions of songs. The company licenses music from major and minor record labels and pays the rights holders an undisclosed amount based on how many times a track is listened to. Spotify also offers curated playlists and internet radio stations. It also has a unique feature called Release Radar, which highlights new songs that are released every Friday.

The Premium version of Spotify offers ad-free listening and song downloads for offline playback on up to five devices. It also has a cool feature called Blend, which analyzes the music tastes of a user and any friends he or she adds to a playlist. This is then used to create a playlist that shows the similarities and differences between their tastes.

Spotify is available in most countries in Europe and North America. It has a free tier that gives you full access to its library, but requires you to sit through ads between songs. It also has a Premium option that eliminates the ads, which is a great value for students.


Some of the world’s most successful companies have had several logo changes throughout their history. This is particularly true of online retail brands. The logo of Amazon is one example, and it has become a symbol of the company’s commitment to excellence and customer satisfaction.

In its first logo, the company’s name was written in lowercase letters and had a yellow/orange arrow connecting the letter “a” and the letter “z.” The arrow symbolizes that Amazon has everything from A to Z. It also hints at the company’s philosophy of always looking for new solutions to meet customers’ needs.

The next version of the Amazon logo included a more modern color scheme and added the words “Prime” to the wordmark. It also used a custom font, Officina Sans Bold, to add some flair. The final version of the Amazon logo stayed with the company until 2000. The company also changed its tagline to “Everything You Need,” which was more descriptive of the company’s business model.


WhatsApp is a popular messaging app that offers free voice and video calls, and text messaging. It is available on many mobile devices and has over a billion users worldwide. It recently added a new feature that allows you to mute calls from unknown numbers, and it is testing a redesign of the user interface with icons arranged in a bottom navigation bar.

The WhatsApp logo features a telephone receiver inside a text bubble, which communicates the primary function of the app. The design is simple and effective. The logo also uses a light green color, which is appealing to many people.

Founded by Jan Koum and Brian Acton, both former employees of Yahoo, WhatsApp has grown into a global messaging service that has more than a billion users. It has also become a platform for business communication. It is free to use for a year, then costs 99 cents yearly after that. It is owned by the United States company Meta Platforms. Its trademarks are registered around the world, and it aggressively enforces its rights against people who use it without permission.

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